Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makeup for red/brown hair, blue/green eyes and fair skin?

I used to be a really pale blonde but I died my hair a browny red colour so now I need some makeup tips! My skin is REALLY fair, and I'm still in highschool so I need some fairly natural-looking ideas. Anything you can tell me would be great!Makeup for red/brown hair, blue/green eyes and fair skin?
I'm similarly coloured and have had very light hair to very dark hair. Naturally my hair is dark blond.

I'm also very good at makeup. You hit the jackpot!

The rule of thumb for makeup is to know your contrast colours. These are colours exactly opposite each other on the colour wheel:

Blue - Orange

Green - Red

Purple - Yellow

Well, us blue/green-eyed gals aren't going to grab red and orange eye shadows, so you have to think in terms of eyeshadow shades. In eyeshadow, an orangey colour would translate into a bronze/gold. The best eye shadows are pale cream gold for the lid and bronze/brown for the crease. Go for medium bronze tones in shadow. You can apply lightly than build for drama. For eyeliner, stay away from black. It can look very harsh on pale skin and pale eyes. Brown/bronze work best!

Makeup for red/brown hair, blue/green eyes and fair skin?
oh i love those kinda colours! i'm dying my hair reddish-brown soon!

Use a brown eyeliner rather than black for your skin tone and eyes. Dont apply it too heavily, just a thin line as close to the eyelashes as you can get.

Then Apply a copperish or gold eyeshadow to your lids. If you like the smokey eye look, use a brown eye shadow and blend it into the eyeline and out at the edges.

You can wear brown or black mascara.

Also, a dusky rose pink applied to your cheeks will give you a really nice fresh look and bring out your eyes more.

A natural pink lipstick/gloss will look good too!

I'm pale and have freckles, and I have green/grey eyes and brownish red hair. I wear mostly brown/gold/bronze/pink hues for eyeshadow. Usually I leave my lips bare or just use a subtle pink or gloss. I dont wear blush very often and only a bit of mascara. I also pencil my eyebrows in brown. It tends to work well for me.

Many of the men I know say I'm beautiful. I think that having the makeup subtle and enhancing your own features is the way to go :S
go with browns and golds for eyeshadow and tawny cheeks if you do blush. No harsh eyeliner- brown.

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