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Sometimes my eyes look hazel, sometimes they look green... Eye makeup help please?

How can I tell what color my eyes are? Green or hazel? And, should I get eye makeup for hazel eyes or green eyes? Any tips on bringing out the gold (to make them look more hazel) and the green (to make them look more green)? Then maybe I can choose which color based on that... Thanks!!!Sometimes my eyes look hazel, sometimes they look green... Eye makeup help please?
Your mascara and eye liner colors should be determined more by your hair color and over skin tone. If you have dark hair and lashes, go with black, dark brown or very dark green mascara and eyeliner. If your coloring is more fair or if you have blonde or light eyelashes, go with a brown mascara and a lighter eyeliner, such as a medium brown, green, bronze or even khaki. You may even want to dry dark purple or dark green mascara - colored mascara can really make your eyes pop.

Answer mine?:;鈥?/a>Sometimes my eyes look hazel, sometimes they look green... Eye makeup help please?
Actually, sometimes it depends on what you're wearing.

It DOES affect the color of your eyes. It happens to my friend all the time :D

%26amp; I've heard that you shouldn't match your eye makeup with the color of your eyes. But there are specific eye makeup colors that will make them stand out, for example, hazel eyes with black eye makeup...i think, not sure =/

So yeah, try wearing green, yellow, or something close to those xD

Green %26amp; hazel are almost the same anyways :D %26amp; u should be happy that you have pretty colored eyes xD

Hope I helped :D
the best color for both green and hazel eyes is purple.

darker or medium purples would really bring the gold from hazel eyes out and it would make the green really pop because they contrast each other.

you can just wash a purple shadow over the lid, or use a deep purple eyeliner on the top lashline

hope this helps

Where can my wife buy the bright pink or green makeup lily allen wears plz?

is it liquid eyeliner or just shadow? hard to tell.

Stockist info and brand name please would be great if anyone knows it.

here is a pic if you haven't seen it before.鈥?/a>Where can my wife buy the bright pink or green makeup lily allen wears plz?
Easy! The BEST brands of makeup in all the colours of the rainbow that you could ever imagine are Barry M stocked at all Superdrug stores (see the range at and Stargazer, which can be bought online at and various alternative and fancy dress shops. Neither of these are stocked at Boots though. They tend to do the more natural makeup.

The makeup Lily is wearing in the picture is eyeshadow which is very possibly Barry M's dazzle dust. It goes on thickly like eyeliner if used with a small applicator. Have fun!Where can my wife buy the bright pink or green makeup lily allen wears plz?
try the internet.
that lily allen girl uses crayons!
It's a case of looking around at different brands, most of them all do bright colours these days, the ones I have seen were from Collection 2000, they had some really bright colours..
That's Shrek 3 not Lilly Allen.
benifit counter at boots, debenhams, etc
BARRY M does good makeup and all different colours

you can find it in Boots
you could try superdrug they hav a wide range of things
You could try here i am not 100% they will have it but they stock quite a lot of cosmetics and make up.
Walgreens, they have all kinds of makeup, and very inexpensively.
Barry M is absolutely great for the bright colour eyeshadow that Lily Allen wears. They have bright colour everything from eyeshadow to nail varnish. I really recommend your wife look at these products as they are great, and not too expensive. It is a make that only sells in Superdrug so get yourself down there!
Sallys usually carries a very wide variety of vivid colors, hot topic is also a must for those ';Hey look at me'; bright tones. The black is liquid eyeliner, she also wears fake lashes to add drama to the ';look';. You could also try getting the same effect by using colorful eyeliners, they come in reds and blues so you won't get stuck in the Pink and Greens.
Her trademark look of stripes of acid brights and thick black kohl liner can be achieved really easily with either coloured liners or eye shadow. If you go down the coloured liner route, MAC have some really fantastic liquid ones at the moment. They鈥檙e called Mac Liquidlast Liners, and it鈥檚 not a boast - this liquid stuff lasts - it's just not easily removed! But that鈥檚 a trifling matter as it looks so nice when it鈥檚 on. Comes in a range of colours, which are slightly metallicised and they go on really easily. MAC also do a load of other liner ranges such as their Powerpoint Eye Pencil range, but for definition and sharp lines, the Liquidlast range takes the prize. Alternatively, it鈥檚 not difficult to apply a sharp sweep of colour to your lids with shadow. The best shadow for this is one with an extremely high pigment content, so that means cheapo brands probably won鈥檛 work for this look - try MAC, STILA, NARS and POUT for lovely shadow shades with a large amount of pigment. Prime your lids with something like Benefit鈥檚 Lemon aid, and then, with a clean makeup applicator, load up the colour. Apply the shadow in a line directly above the lashes, from the outside of your eye inwards. Get to about half way, stop, hold the eye slightly taught, and apply from the inner eye out to meet your previous line. Practice a bit for perfection. These items should be available on the cosmetic counter of any good department store.
Boots super drugs they stock it try them !!
Barry M do a really broad selection of bright pots of eyeshadow - you can get them in superdrug and they're around the 拢4 mark. Would be a good place to start if she hasn't experimented with it before. Alternatively if she doesn't mind spending a bit more then I like shu uemura (I got a funky bright pink eyeshdow cream from liberty in regent st for about 拢14 but this was some time ago so check if they still stock it, I know Harvey Nichols do and have a feeling fenwicks may) that do bright colours, it's really funky and because it's a cream you can make it as strong as you want by putting on a lot or just a little.

She could apply as an eyeshadow or take a cotten bud and apply as a thick eyeline. If she wants it more liquid looking then Urban Decay do a product for around 拢10 which turns your eyeshadow into eyeliner. Genius!
Try boots they sell loads of variety, im sure it wouldnt be hard to find. Im also an Avon rep and they do it in their if you get Avon in your area
easy peasy! new look has just introduced a clothes range inspired by lily allen so check in there, i got sum black nail varnish in there from her range, also check in house of fraser or debenams or mac
Hi I think its mostly eye shimmers, like eye dust, collection 2000 do a good one, then obviusly they go dearer like MAC or Barry M.

Does brown makeup go good with green eyes?

it depends on your skin tone...

i think you have beautiful skin and it would look greatDoes brown makeup go good with green eyes?
yea it does, more if it is a gold colour.

I have green eyes, and i've found that purples really make green eyes pop. But brown can look good, especially if you want a very natural look, just make sure you don't make the brown TOO dark, unless its in the crease or used as an eyeliner, because that can kind of make you look dead. But brown can look very good, like brown eyeliner or a nice bronzer that has a bronzy/brown tint to it.Does brown makeup go good with green eyes?
Yes, it makes them really stand out. You could try mixing bronze and brown shades together for an extra glow.

Makeup to go with a sea green-blue outfit?

I'm going to wear a sea greenish bluish outfit for my farewell. Can someone suggest an eyeshadow color to go with it.Makeup to go with a sea green-blue outfit?
either a terquiose (sp) or aqua color would look lovely ..

maybe some dark black eyeliner for the top lids

and what ever color u choose for the shadow ..

u can get the same color liner for your waterline ..

**make sure u add some mascara to complete the look!**Makeup to go with a sea green-blue outfit?
ew, Don't put those colors on your face. Colored makeup is so distracting and always looks bad. People will be staring. You should wear a gold/bronze eyeshadow. If you need eyeliner, go with a light brown. Keel it neutral, to bring out your natural beauty. Your outfit already sounds quite exciting, you don't want to overdo it!
a shimmer gold eye shadow with a green liner (to match the dress but not too matchy matchy.). very natural face make up. i would do a very light peach for the lips. and bronser instead of blush.

also make sure your tan, if your really pale you wont look good.
who cares
whatever you do, don't match your clothing.


I'd suggest a smoky eye, that looks good with a lot.

Or a lime green liner, to an extent...
I would wear very light black eyeliner, very light, shiny lip-gloss and some blue eye shadow :)
You could either try a black smokey eye. I'm not real sure going with the same color of your outfit is a good choice, it clashes too much. Instead try a complimentary color.
Lavendar eyeshadow is in right now and I think it goes great with green.
A turquoise blue liner, with sparkling pale green all over the lid.

A nude lip.

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  • Green makeup!!!! please help me!!! EASY POINTS!!!!?

    Im looking for green makeup ideas as it is my prom in a week. I like this makeup but it is too dark can anyone show me brighter makeup? makeup!!!! please help me!!! EASY POINTS!!!!?
    Excellent vid, but I get a lot of answers from booglam a question and answers site aimed at beauty.

    Check it out, helped me a lotGreen makeup!!!! please help me!!! EASY POINTS!!!!?鈥?/a>

    there's loads on this:鈥?/a>
    Go to youtube and search for ';Green makeup tutorial';. Not only will you see a lot of different ways of doing it, but most of the girls give very good instructions on how to duplicate it!
    Green makeup!!!! if u visit this site u will satisfied............
    Try this video. This girl is AMAZiNG!!鈥?/a>

    Hope this helps
    Prom or porn u whore!!!!!!?///////////

    Whats the best eye makeup for a skin tone that is olive/tan with light green eyes and light brown hair?

    can you tell me what makeup color would make my green eyes pop?Whats the best eye makeup for a skin tone that is olive/tan with light green eyes and light brown hair?
    To make your eyes stand out you need a contrast color and the best way to find this out is to get a diagram of a color wheel...try this one below:鈥?/a>

    Find the color that is your eyes (green) and look at what color is opposite it on the wheel (purple) this is your contrast color and will make the green stand out the most.Whats the best eye makeup for a skin tone that is olive/tan with light green eyes and light brown hair?
    I have green-hazel-gray eyes and I personally love Urban Decay's ';Toasted'; eyeshadow. I cover my lid up to the crease and then rim my bottom eyelid with it. After adding one coat of black mascara, my eyes really pop. Purple wold also be a good color for you. Nothing to dark or to light, but a strong royal purple.
    Go for a really dark, dramatic smokey look of purple for special occasions. Add brown/bronze shades of eyeliner to outline the purple.鈥?/a>
    for your eyes:::::


    the shade of brown can vary from the greeness of your eyes.

    If you really need help go to a department store and they will help you find something good for you.

    have fun:)
    green %26amp; brown go well together and give a good contrast, so you could try dark or tan shades.

    you could also maybe try a bit of pink if you'd like to add some color.
    light browns, darkish greens, black or white or purple maybe even a light blue
    jeez you are lucky!

    umm i think you should just wear black eyeliner and mascara with a smoky eye effect :)
    blue,grey,black,purple - any of those colors.

    I have blue/green almond shaped eyes, how should I wear my makeup?

    I almost look like this, ahah. I ALWAYS do a cat eye on my eyes, with sometimes thick but sometimes thin liquid eyeliner on the eyelids and just a tiny line on the outer corner of the bottom lid. Eyeshadows that look the best are light blue, indigo, rosy-orangy-goldish, bronze, and light pink. Lately I've been getting into this ';mermaid look'; with all shades of blue and indigo and I love it!!I have blue/green almond shaped eyes, how should I wear my makeup?
    gold eyeshadow is the new pink for spring! wear brown eyeliner on the inside half of the top eyelid, and white on the bottom. brown or black masgara on the upper outside tips of your eyelashes, and a dab of red blush under your eyesI have blue/green almond shaped eyes, how should I wear my makeup?
    you should check out this post. It shows you which colors look best with your eye color…

    This post explains how to apply eyeliner based on your eye shape…

    Hope all this helps!
    Pick a berry color for your lips, so it stands out the right amount. Then wear like dark or metallic eye shadow , and then put 2 coats of mascara on both the top and bottom lids. And last pick a light pink shade for your cheeks
    If you have bags under your eyes, apply a slightly lighter than your skin tone shaded concealor under your eyes.

    Step 1: Apply a thin black eye liner under your eye. Use one with a little bit of sparkle to make your eyes look more ';awake'; try Maybelline New York Stylist in Black Sparkle $7 at drugstores

    Step 2: Use a pink eyeliner or shadow pencil on the inside corners of your eyes to look awake and refreshed. Dot on each corner and gently blend lightly with your fingers.

    Step 3: Curl your lashes with a simple eye-lash curler and then apply two coats of mascara. Wiggle the wand back and forth for longer lashes. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! works really well for long, thick and curled lashes…

    Step 4: Apply a shimmery pearl or light pink from your lashes to your eyebrows.

    Step 5: use a liquid eye liner… right above your eye lashes. Or you can just use your sparkly black liner, but liquid is easier to apply.

    Step 6: Find your skin tone below and use a product similar to the colors below. Brush on from above your lashes, to half way to your brow. All the shades are from MAC at Macy's. I have some of the colors and theyre deffinatly worth the money and last a long time.…

    Fair Skin shade: Wintersky or Sweet Lust

    Beige Skin shade: Patina or Bronze

    Golden Skin shade: Sumptuous Olive or Greensmoke

    Bronze or dark Skin shade: Plumage or Humid

    Step 7 OPTIONAL: apply a loose glittery powder over the shadow to make your eyes pop! you can also use this on top of lip gloss. It's a 2 in 1 bonus! :) You may want to use Wet 'n' Wild MegaSparkle Loose Confettii in Lilac Frosting…

    Step 8: Add a creamy coral blush to draw attention to your eyes.
    thin skin